Renova Miljö AB

Control Room project management for a waste & recycling company in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Renova Group

The Renova Group is owned by ten municipalities in western Sweden. Renova provides complete waste and recycling solutions for businesses and cities including the collection and transportation of all types of waste and recyclable materials.

Renova’s vision is to actively develop and deliver sustainable waste and recycling services to their communities and reduce waste through recycling. In 2019, Renova deployed the world’s first totally electrified garbage trucks, which are not only clean but also quiet when making their early morning rounds in residential neighborhoods! In the meantime, Renova's entire fleet of vehicles uses renewable fuels. That’s progress! 


New SCADA System

Renova deployed a new SCADA system in 2020 but needs to run both the legacy and the new system simultaneously for a period of 3 - 5 years. The big benefit of the WEYTEC solution is the ease with which the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP) accommodates both systems in parallel. The control room operators who oversee day-to-day operations can switch immediately between the two SCADA systems with a single keystroke on their smartTOUCH keyboards. Separate desks and dedicated screens are not necessary. Just the push of a button. 

The WDP accommodates a virtually unlimited number of sources that can be shared among all users, and made available from any workplace and on any screen.


"Corona-conform" Installation

The project was planned and executed entirely during a Corona shutdown. The WEYTEC project team chose not to travel internationally, to avoid quarantine for the engineers involved. The factory acceptance test, to pre-install and pre-configure the basic WDP system and database in Switzerland before logistics shipped everything to Sweden, was critical to the success of the project. WEYTEC provides live technical guidance via remote access to the WDP and its database. An open communications channel with the on-site TM Group engineer both during and directly after the installation ensured a seamless collaboration between partners. TM Group is WEYTEC's local distribution partner in Sweden. Everything went very smoothly.


You can download the full case study here: 

Case Study Renova Miljö AB

Facts & Figures


  • 5 operator positions with 2 - 4 screens 
  • 1 redundancy desk in the technical area


  • 6 smartTOUCH keyboards, including 1 in the data workshop
  • Individually designed workplace configurations


  • 15 shared and dedicated sources
  • IP Remote II


  • To split screens among multiple sources

The Solution: Today and Tomorrow

Renova chose a straightforward WDP system designed to meet their immediate need to accommodate two SCADA systems in one go. Renova supplied a mix of copper cable and fiber infrastructure for the operator positions. Each desk is customized and personalized with individual layouts.

But the customer understands the flexibility inherent to the WDP system and invested in an architecture that they will grow into. When the "old" SCADA system is taken out of service, they plan on integrating new third party applications and making them available to all control room operators across multiple redundant locations.

In the neighborhood

This project is the 3rd WEYTEC installation in Gothenburg, Sweden, all affiliated with the City of Gothenburg. According to Mikael Bergqvist, Country Manager for TM Group: "Renova saw the benefits of WEYTEC workplaces at some of their colleagues’ control rooms around town, and thought that they would work well for them too." Word gets around.