TIWAG Tiroler Wasserkraft AG

Innsbruck, Austria - Modernisation of the Dispatching Center at Innsbruck headquarters with a WEYTEC distribution­PLATFORM solution and an eyevis video wall.


The Tiroler TIWAG AG provides safe and environmentally sound energy supplies at competitive prices. TIWAG also creates jobs, value and industrial development in its home market, contributing to the securing of positive economic and social living conditions for the next generation. In order to continually ensure a safe, inexpensive and environmentally friendly power supply in Tirol, TIWAG is expanding renewable, cost-stable and CO2-free hydropower. It encourages alternative energy sources and the most efficient use of high-quality energy flow.

TIWAG’s Dispatching Center oversees the entire energy management of TIWAG power plants. This includes the forecasting of inflows, the prognosis of customer load and an intensive monitoring of relevant energy markets. The Dispatching Center is staffed around the clock, seven days a week to meet the high requirements of security and stability standards.



WEYTEC’s mandate was to design and deliver a fully integrated turnkey solution to modernise the center and contribute to process optimisation for the hydropower company. 

The scope of the project included two high-performance workplaces each with six screens, two hot-standby workplaces each with four screens and a professional video wall, all connected and controlled by a WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM. WEYTEC provides one-stop customer support services covering the entire spectrum and interoperability of all components (from both WEYTEC and eyevis) throughout the life cycle of the solution.


Here you can download the full case:


Facts & Figures


  • 4 Operator positions
  • 12 Sources

Desktop Integration

  • multifunctional Keyboards: WEYTEC smartTOUCH and MK06 

Video Wall

  • 3x2 eyevis 55'' HD LCD screens with LED backlighting and 5.7 mm bezel
  • Netpix Graphic Controller und
  • eyeCON Wall Management Software


All the PCs (12 sources and a satellite receiver) and the video wall are connected by the WEYTEC distribution­PLATFORM. Sources are controlled by a single WEYTEC smartTOUCH multifunctional keyboard on each desk and displayed with a simple press of a button on any of the workplace screens or the large video wall. Content includes output from cameras, pictures and online information from control systems and TV channels.


Video Wall

The eyevis video wall solution consists of 2x3 stackable and seamless, ultra-thin bezel 55” full HD LCD monitors, a NetPix 
Graphic Controller and eyeCON Wall Management software. The large screen display takes advantage of the units’ sleek 
design to maximize the use of limited space in the control room. The video wall is visible from both of the main workplaces and provides an optimal overview for all the operators as well as the opportunity to present high resolution pictures on several screens.

About eyevis

eyevis is the German manufacturer of large scale video systems and one of the leading providers and integrators of visualisation systems for professional applications in control rooms, virtual reality, simulation, broadcast and AV. Eyevis and WEYTEC partner to provide customised and fully integrated turnkey solutions for clients around the world. 

David Mrnak, Sales Engineer at eyevis summed up the TIWAG project as follows: “Working with our partners at WEYTEC, we have been delighted to help upgrade a very important control center in the key area of re­newable energy generation in Tirol. It is vital that control rooms like these can rely on the equipment they use. In a variety of projects, solutions from WEYTEC and eyevis have demonstrated that we can 100% meet these client requirements.”


WEY Technology is a leading supplier of high-tech solutions for the transmission, control, distribution and display of real-time data in Trading Floors and Control Centers. The range of services extends from Planning & Consulting, Project Management, Research & Development and Production to Installation and Customer Service & Support. The Swiss-based group has installed over 40,000 Multifunctional Keyboards at 500 customer sites and is growing steadily. WEYTEC has 13 entities worldwide and is active in over 45 countries around the globe.

Alexander Höger, Sales Manager at WEYTEC remarked, “In a second deployment step at TIWAG we were able to upgrade the main workplaces with our new WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboards, further enhancing usability for the dispatchers. The collaboration with TIWAG was ideal as they were receptive to our recommendations and allowed us to realize optimal workplace solutions.” 

Thanks to the control options made possible by the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM in conjunction with WEYTEC multifunctional keyboards and the new visualisation system from eyevis, our dispatching center has become more user-friendly and efficient. The modern and efficient equipment creates a working environment which not only enhances productivity but is also comfortable.

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Watscher
Head of the Dispatching Center for TIWAG