KVM Small


KVM with basic functionality

The WEYTEC switchingPLATFORM (WSP) provides users with real-time access to computers and information sources. It integrates analog, digital, legacy and third-party systems, cameras and video walls within a single, independent IP network. Neither software nor driver installations are required. Users interact with all their relevant sources using the EK Light keyboard.

The WSP is designed for 24/7 operations.

At a glance

  • Based on KVM IP extenders
  • Intuitive control with EK Light keyboard
  • Switching solution for up to four desks
  • Any source on any screen
  • Redundant configuration
  • Share, view and control every source on every desk
  • Sound from displayed sources is audible
  • “Source in use” indication
  • Video wall integration
  • Upgradable to WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM



… with intuitive, real-time control of sources using the EK Light keyboard



… using keyboard presets


Computers secure & efficiently maintained in server room
More space without computers under the desk
Cost-effective KVM IP extenders
An EK Light keyboard & mouse for one or more computers
Up to 4 desks
Up to 4 monitors per desk
Flexible switching between up to 32 computers and 4 desks
Integration of one video wall

User Access

Operate the WSP with an EK Light, a multifunctional keyboard with programmable keys. Assign and display up to 32 sources on a maximum of 4 monitors using WS keys. Change the sources displayed on the video wall using presets or the web-based video wall editor. Route audio signals from up to four sources to speakers or a headset.

Use Case

Sources can be displayed, controlled and assigned to monitors at all desks. The EK Light keyboard indicates when a source is in use. Use presets in combination with smartVISUAL receivers to control a video wall with the keyboard.

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