KVM two-factor authentication

RFID Strong Authentication seamlessly integrates standard two-factor authentication (2FA) with the regular login to WEYTEC KVM systems. In addition to username and password, users are authenticated using a RFID smartcard and reader. Access to data and systems is thus protected with an extra layer of security.

At a glance

  • Increased security using a standard two-factor authentication solution
  • Based on easy to use RFID chip cards or key fobs
  • Flexible and scalable for an unlimited number of users
  • Redundant configuration
  • Encrypted communication between all applications (AES128)
  • Fully compatible and integrated with WEYTEC KVM products and solutions



… for easy and secure login



… based on proven RFID technology

User access

The standard WDP login process is extended by a second step. After entering username and password in the login dialog on the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard, a message appears requesting additional authentication using a smart card. By placing the card on the RFID reader, the additional authentication data is compared with the standard login data. The workplace is unlocked when the data matches, otherwise the smartTOUCH displays an error message.

Two-factor authentication can be activated for each user individually.

Application example

RFID 2FA controllers authenticate users at their workplaces and provide the link between the WDP and the RFID 2FA system. The WDP controller requests the authentication of users at their respective workplaces and subsequently either grants or denies user access. The WDP requires a RFID 2FA interface to communicate with the 2FA server.

Using a card reader, the data stored in the chip is read and transferred directly via the network to the 2FA server. The management console programs the smart cards and assigns them to WDP users. The corresponding user list is provided to the 2FA system by the WDP server.

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