No matter how complex your workplace was ... With WEYTEC your daily workflows will be smart.

What is SMART?

Well-organized, secure, flexible, elegant and exclusive - all in one. With WEYTEC you finally have freedom of design. There is only one mouse and one keyboard at each workstation, but any number of screens.  And the noisy, heat-generating computers are relocated to a separate system room. Employees can access and control all their sources, systems and content simultaneously. That's efficient; that's ergonomic; that's individual freedom at the workplace and beyond.

This makes all the difference 

We rely on our own development and production, always one step ahead, always one idea better - and always delivering uncompromising quality for your fully integrated and customized solution.

How flexible is SMART?

In short: more flexible than anything you've experienced before. Concretely, our solution is fully modular, scalable and platform-independent: it functions perfectly with all your existing software. Additionally, you can sit anywhere, because any source can be displayed at the touch of a button at any desk on any screen. WEYTEC solutions also work across multiple locations. So your employees have realt-time access to all data and sources whenever and wherever they want them. Unparalleled flexibility can be so smart. 

This is unique:

WEYTEC organizes your workplaces better than ever before - with intelligent, digital functions that support your daily workflows and make your processes both SMART and secure.

How secure is SMART?

So secure: an autonomous platform, extensive workplace recording systems, centralization of the computers in a protected room, backup PCs or a disaster recovery solution for multi-site communication. Right. Security is our top priority - because we know that this is the be-all and end-all for our customers. We have been serving the banking, security and municipal sectors for more than 30 years, and meeting their challenges with the greatest sense of responsibility - after all, we stand for 100% Swiss quality work. Thanks to our proven reliability, WEYTEC customers stay calm, even in exceptional situations, because they know they can trust their smart workplaces, our tested systems and our specially trained and certified specialists.

But why SMART?

We could also say: "We'll create something simple", because everything will be easier for you. But that is not really what we do. Anyone can do “simple“, but taking something complex and making it simple - that's smart and only WEYTEC can do that.




100% Customer orientation. 100% Customer requirements. WEYTEC specializes in customized solutions, not standard solutions for special sectors.



Those who have no fear of the evidence are happy to provide it. Put our promises to the acid test in our showrooms - and see for yourself how we can improve your working efficiency.



What is the most important thing when switching to a clever new solution? That you can command the technology intuitively from the very first moment. And that's exactly what our on-site installation team ensures for you - and that the new solution fully meets user needs and expectations.



We offer a uniquely flexible solution - the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM - which delivers valuable advantages at a fair price-performance ratio. More efficient work processes, ergonomic workplaces and money savings, in part due to lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption, are just some of the benefits.



We guarantee the completion of your project at the quoted price and according to a clear rollout schedule - because we have gained the necessary expertise over more than 30 years. Ergo: What we start, we bring to a successful conclusion, without additional costs and on the appointed date.

This is SMART:
See for yourself.

Visit the showrooms of a global player from quality-driven Switzerland for the pleasure of discovery: Workplace design, flexibility, security. Experience the reality.

Do it smart.

Book your showroom visit now. 



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